Coping with Covid

July 24, 2020

The news is that this may be around for a while. That is the reality. If we are to stay mentally well, we need to adapt. I have taken up the challenge to work online which I never imagined doing as I love meeting clients and spending time with them face-to-face. I like getting to know my clients. I believe this to be the true holistic approach which I have been practising for over twenty years.  However, things are different now, and I must say, I have been pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of the online platform for delivery of my services. Over the last few months, I've delivered numerous courses over zoom and energies it has worked. What has shocked me in a good way is how the healing energies have been transported through the 'ethernet'!  Time and time again the feedback has been something along the lines of 'how did you know I needed that today'. I believe in magic and with considered optimism I do believe we can get through this heart to heart. Stay Well, Stay Mindful.     

My Morning Ritual

July 22, 2018

I've been practicing and studying Mindfulness for quite a few years now and I'm not even sure now how I would function without a regular sustained practice. I generally sit first thing in the morning and begin to watch the objects floating around my mind with a curiosity and wonder. I fill the gaps with a sense of how precious my life have even woken up this morning, to hear the birds, to smell the coffee! Intention setting is a large part of my practice and I base this on what feels important at the time. It may be a greater sense of compassion to others or patience or kindness. It may be to be less judgemental, to drop thinking ill of anyone or just to attempt to stay as mindful as possible during the day. Sometimes I feel irritated or nervy or anxious. But I tell myself this is all ok. After all I'm human and life in the words of Sunrya Suzuki 'one mistake after another'!   I then see my day ahead as if I'm about to steer a will go off coure now and again but I will hopefully have the awareness in the moments to bring it back to a central direction. Then I wish myself well.   


Sustaining your Mindfulness Practice

January 05, 2018

There is no better way to embed your mindfulness practice than to fully commit to an 8-week course in which you are expertly guided through the various aspects of Mindfulness and are offered the chance to connect with others on the same path. By sharing in this way we are able to acknowledge our mind-sets, our stumbling blocks and our wonderful life-changing discoveries. It can be an awesome journey. The next course starts on 16th January at Carlshead 7-9pm. See Learn Mindfulness on this website.



Mindfulness Matters

July 27, 2017

I am all into the science behind practicing meditation and mindfulness. There is now a wealth of in-depth research writings on the impact of mindful awareness on brain and immune function, as well as psychological and interpersonal changes. It is awesome stuff! And yet, it seems so very simple. It has been proven that taking and fully participating in an 8-week course can have major effects on the body and the mind. By imbedding the practice in this way you have a much greater chance of maintaining a mindful way of being. Get on it NOW!!       

Alive at the Acorn

February 23, 2017

As the Acorn Wellness retreat continues to blossom I am reminded just how fortunate I am to be able to do what I love to do at this amazing place. Katie, the inspiration and 'set-designer' of this awesome wellness sanctuary has not only welcomed me but has continued to support all of my work and ideas. I am so very grateful to her and her amazing team.  I currently spend half my week here and the rest at Carlshead which is currently the perfect balance.  I recommend everyone to pop in at some point for a day, a night or a weekend. You won't want to leave! Check out 'what's on' on the website. Namaste, Trish     

Filmore and Union

February 29, 2016

Check out Filmore and Union's super-blogs for healthy tips to stay fit inside and out.  This month unusal healthy mother day gifts and ways to stay healthy at the office, as well as my very own mindful insights.

Beauty Therapy at Qui

February 02, 2016

We are very pleased to announce that Diane Rawnsley is now at Qui Wellbeing to offer Beauty Therapy treatments, including facials, nails, pedicures and many other pampering treatments. 

Diane is highly experienced and is highly regarded with over twenty years in the business and has successfully owned and managed Beauty Spas, including Boston Spa, Spa Rooms.    

Call 07887357437 for more information.

Mindfulness in the News

Mindfulness based programs have been shown to limit the rate of cognitive decline in people with dementia 

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